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It is your lawyer, accountant, and business advisor at one table.

In the current worldwide financial crisis, millions of Americans have suffered a career or financial change and are searching for a solution---a Recipe for Success.

The firm of James P. Meade & Associates has been providing expert legal and accounting advice in Chicago to individuals and their related businesses, partnerships, trusts, and foundations since 1982.

It is a law firm providing business law services and advice, but also acts as accountants, financial advisors and strategic planners in Chicago.

Some clients see us as their lawyers. Some clients see us as their accountants. Some clients see us as a Family Office - providing input on law, accounting, tax planning, strategic planning, and business acumen.

We are unique in that we are multifaceted and use our expertise in all areas to assist our clients in meeting their goals and needs. We are business advisors, financial planners, investment managers, and tax advisors, all in one office.

Unlike other advisors, we not only develop plans for our clients to maximize their financial success, but we implement those plans. We help businesses grow. We help people make better financial decisions.


One Part: Law
One Part: Accounting
One Part: Tax Planning
One Part: Financial Review
One Part: Implementation